I need to slow down

I woke up this morning wondering how I’m supposed to do it all. I love my job.  I love doing freelance writing gigs. I love volunteering to work with children. I need to study for my Florida Teacher exams if I’d like to keep working with children after I graduate. I love (sometimes) writing fiction for my Master’s Thesis. And I absolutely love blogging for my multiple blogs. How am I supposed to get it all done without being miserable and exhausted the whole time?

There are plenty of hours in a day if I carefully and strategically plan every waking moment, but I hate cramming my day so full that there isn’t a moment to stop and smell the roses. On a whim, I decided to create this blog to figure out, for myself and others, how to slow down.

Living in the United States isn’t for people who like to move at the speed of the tortoise. We Americans are the hare racing to get to the finish line, which will soon be our graves if we don’t take it easy. In the story, we all know the tortoise wins in the end, but it’s hard to slow down when you live in the United States.  Everything is about being the best, the fastest, the most, and the hardest working. Everything and everyone is conspiring against me slowing down. But I say NO! I will live slow paced in the United States.