Slow-Paced Careers

The American workplace simply isn't cut out for stress-free, slow-paced living. Yes, you can argue that how you perceive and respond to stress plays a big role in how a job feels, but it is unlikely that you'll find a slow-placed, low-stress career working for somebody other than yourself. Employers, by their very nature have … Continue reading Slow-Paced Careers


Completing The Proverbial To Do List

We all have them. You know, that list of things to do that you've been tallying up in your head for weeks, months even. I’m not talking about the things on your daily to do list, like taking the dog out or washing the dishes. I’m talking about those items that are relatively low in priority on … Continue reading Completing The Proverbial To Do List

Career Choices

I have talked very little about my career choice since starting this blog.  I know I've mentioned becoming a teacher in my "priorities" blogs, but I've questioned this career choice since I majored in elementary education for 2 semesters back in college.  I keep coming back to it though; I don’t know if that says … Continue reading Career Choices

Multitasking Means Never Finishing Anything

Since I've slashed my priorities, I've felt my stress level greatly reduced. However, I've been struggling to keep the priorities I've settled on, as my only priorities. Throughout the month of June, I kept trying to devise ways to add exercising back into my routine (because I’ve gained quite a bit of weight, again), but … Continue reading Multitasking Means Never Finishing Anything

New Month, New Priorities

Saturday, I took and passed (still waiting on the essay portion, though) the examination required to start substitute teaching in the fall. I don't have to think about teaching certification until my scores come back (4-6 weeks).  I felt a huge mental burden was removed after finishing the test.  I almost wish I had taken … Continue reading New Month, New Priorities