Eating off the Infinite Table: Consuming without Being Consumed

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Annamal house.


Every week, AT&T and Comcast conduct a direct-mail duel to see who can offer me the most channels of digital TV. I believe we are up to about 900 now. Then there’s Netflix, with more films and TV shows than I could watch in a lifetime. Even if I limited myself to just those that close friends have recommended, I would have years worth of material. There are hundreds of thousands of books I can download instantaneously to any number of devices, and millions more I can command hard copies of or borrow from a library. Then there are the millions of songs I could stream or download at the touch of a button. The billions of hours of video on YouTube. And best of all, the unceasing tide of social media: ever-replenishing tweets and status updates from nearly every person I have ever met, scattered across all corners…

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Constant Connectedness

I feel left out. I watch people filling moments in their day by staring at tiny little cellphone screens. I have a tiny little screen too, but the processor behind it is slow, so I don't (and won't) stare at the little screen all day. Since I got rid of my Blackberry 9 months ago, … Continue reading Constant Connectedness


When consumer spending drives the economy…

This morning I read an article on the impact of raising the minimum wage to $9/hour. As someone who hasn't quite broken into the world of salaried professionals, raising the minimum wage to $9/hour would be great news. I'm all for workers rights and corporations¬†paying a living wage. (Not that $9/hour is a living wage, … Continue reading When consumer spending drives the economy…

Buy Nothing Challenge: Cheating

When I wrote the post about the Buy Nothing Until 2013 Challenge, I have to be honest. I really didn't take it seriously. A couple of days later, I ordered a 50 dollar hair-styling product and a vegan meal planning book off the internet. I guess I wasn't supposed to have either of those things … Continue reading Buy Nothing Challenge: Cheating

“Buy Nothing Until 2013” Challenge

Because I love my readers so much, you all get two posts today.¬† After perusing my RSS feeds, and catching up on other minimalist blogs, I stumbled upon the "Buy Nothing Until 2013" Challenge by Leo Babauta¬†on his Zen Habits blog, which I love btw.¬† I wanted to share the link with you because I … Continue reading “Buy Nothing Until 2013” Challenge

I Hate TV and You Should Too

Actually, I love tv.¬† Remember how I went on and on about how cable is bad for you? That having cable is subjecting yourself to wasted time and wasted money? Well, apparently I'm a hypocrite. About three months ago, (before we moved into this new apartment) my boyfriend and I seriously discussed whether or not … Continue reading I Hate TV and You Should Too

My Comeback!!

I started writing this post in my head at least a hundred times: my comeback post. I've neglected this blog since my double move: once to a temporary location, and 3 weeks later to¬†semi-permanent location. While I've neglected my blog, I haven't neglected my decluttering efforts.¬† My new apartment is smaller than the old, and … Continue reading My Comeback!!

Simplifying Your Beauty Routine

Faced with being buried in an avalanche of beauty products, I had to make a decision.¬† I needed a way to simplify my beauty routine.¬† However, if you Google "simplify your beauty routine" you will find a bunch of useless tips that leave you with just as many products as before. The only fool proof … Continue reading Simplifying Your Beauty Routine

Mastering the Art of Slow: The Grocery Store

A cute little story about patience in the grocery store: A man observed a woman in the grocery store with a three year old girl in her basket. As they passed the cookie section, the child asked for cookies and her mother told her "no." The little girl immediately began to whine and fuss, and … Continue reading Mastering the Art of Slow: The Grocery Store