North Korea Exposes the Western Propaganda

This video is about an hour and a half. I watched it last weekend wanted to share it with you all because it made me think how we, as Americans, consume continuously. Watch it when you have time some time to sit down and really pay attention.

I know I haven’t blogged about time management and stress reduction in a while. I would still like to emphasize that we must become less enmeshed in our materialistic, consumer-oriented, business-centric culture if we want our stress levels to drop. If we are spending less, we can work less. If we desire less “things,” we can live a more fulfilled life. We can be attentive to the small moments that make life interesting and rewarding.

Now, about the video: If you are not open minded, don’t watch it. It will challenge many ideas and beliefs that you have held your entire life. I know that the United States and North Korea are currently having a disagreement (I’m putting it mildly), and the documentary delves into some older political issues. Nonetheless, the video makes some thought-provoking points on how Western propaganda drives consumerism. Enjoy!