Hello from Barbados

Hi all. This is going to be a brief post because I’ve gone on an unexpected mini-vacation to Barbados.  It is my first trip outside of the USA, and I’m excited to be here. I’m just glad I had the opportunity to take a step back from my responsibilities.  I’m observing the Bajans’ way of life here, and it is noticeably different then our own.  They certainly don’t ascribe to the western go-go-go, speed of life.

My second night here, I noticed that dinner seemed to take an extraordinarily long time between courses, although the service was exceptional. In general, I’m having little trouble with long lines, slow elevators and traffic (typical waits that make Americans impatient). Yet, significantly longer waits seem to pose a bigger challenge for me.  My family arrived in Barbados before I did, and told me that they had to wait an hour before being able to check into their rooms. They received complementary drinks and extended welcomes, but the wait seemed uncomfortable for them. We noticed, however that the waiting seemed to be a standard procedure at the resort.

Anyway, I’m having a good time, and hope to see more of the island culture today.  Yesterday we visited Harrison’s cave, and went as much as 150 feet underground.

Barbados certainly cant be seen in a mini-vacation, and I already know that I’m going to want to come back.

I walked up like 200 steps after visiting the cave.

I’ve also realized that I’m interested in travel photography, another “to do” item to add to my bucket list… I didn’t take all of these pictures on here, my Dad took some of them.  I like capturing images of the artifacts that make the country different than the USA.

They drive on the left side of the road with the drivers on the right side of the car. Who knew?! My Dad has been doing the driving, and it certainly is an exercise in patience building.

And of course, I spent a considerable amount of time on the beach.