Galaxy Precedent on StraightTalk Review

So in an effort to save money, a few months ago I switched from a Blackberry on AT&T to a smaller, prepaid, Android smartphone on StraightTalk (by Walmart).  You can go online and find a ton of specification reviews, so I'm not going to do that here. I'm going to focus mostly on my experience … Continue reading Galaxy Precedent on StraightTalk Review


Goodbye Fancy, Hello Simplicity: Cancelling AT&T

I was tired of being ripped off by my cell phone company so I fired them.  You should too. I paid the stupid termination fee, and got SmartTalk, an inexpensive, prepaid service.  By cancelling AT&T ($245), buying a new Android smartphone (approx $139), I got unlimited everything without a contract ($45/month) and will STILL pay … Continue reading Goodbye Fancy, Hello Simplicity: Cancelling AT&T