Completing The Proverbial To Do List

We all have them. You know, that list of things to do that you've been tallying up in your head for weeks, months even. I’m not talking about the things on your daily to do list, like taking the dog out or washing the dishes. I’m talking about those items that are relatively low in priority on … Continue reading Completing The Proverbial To Do List


Managing Stress: Where to Start

Conquering stress is not as easy as it sounds.  If we had the resources, we could remove nearly all stressors by quitting our jobs, and buying a first class, one-way ticket to a quiet island in the Caribbean. We could spend our days sipping mojitos and sunbathing. Now, that is a stress free life. Most of us, … Continue reading Managing Stress: Where to Start

The Key Ingredient to Reducing Stress

Over the last few weeks, I've been feeling so stressed that I've been experiencing the tightness in my chest again. At 26 I shouldn't be having these symptoms.  And it got me thinking.  Here I am, publishing this blog and telling all of you what you should do about your stress and how to avoid it. … Continue reading The Key Ingredient to Reducing Stress

Can You Stop Procrastinating?

I am the biggest procrastinator ever!  I keep saying "If I just did what I was supposed to do, I wouldn't have any problems."  I believe that is absolutely true.  We all know we should not be procrastinating, but why do we do it?  I have a theory as to why. We expect too much … Continue reading Can You Stop Procrastinating?

My Comeback!!

I started writing this post in my head at least a hundred times: my comeback post. I've neglected this blog since my double move: once to a temporary location, and 3 weeks later to semi-permanent location. While I've neglected my blog, I haven't neglected my decluttering efforts.  My new apartment is smaller than the old, and … Continue reading My Comeback!!

Why I’m Struggling, and What I Need To Do About It

I prefer to tackle one major thing at a time. That way, I can devote all my energy to that one thing. Any more is not my idea of living a slow paced lifestyle. I have a 8 days before I have to move out, and my boyfriend and I haven't found an apartment. I … Continue reading Why I’m Struggling, and What I Need To Do About It

New Month, New Priorities

Saturday, I took and passed (still waiting on the essay portion, though) the examination required to start substitute teaching in the fall. I don't have to think about teaching certification until my scores come back (4-6 weeks).  I felt a huge mental burden was removed after finishing the test.  I almost wish I had taken … Continue reading New Month, New Priorities

Mastering the Art of Slow: Rush Hour Traffic Made Easy

A stressful ride on 826 can pretty much ruin my day.  In the fast lane we have people cruising at a comfortable 45 mph; and in any other lane, you'll find Miami douche-bags racing at 100 mph on a Saturday in the afternoon. You could die if you aren't paying attention. Not to be insensitive, … Continue reading Mastering the Art of Slow: Rush Hour Traffic Made Easy